After the death of actor sushant singh rajput, who was allegedly hearing voices, the indian mainstream media is quick to dismiss him as have mental health problems, when actually he was intentionally mentally tortured, using sophisticated equipment, which only trained and experienced electrical engineers can understand. This website is for all those who hear voices, since many contacted the real domain investor for help. Kindly note that shivalli brahmin and other ntro/raw/cbi employees are changing the websites content/resulting in spelling, grammar mistakes after stealing passwords, so that bengaluru brahmin cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar, who is only COOKING. HOUSEKEEPING for her family in bengaluru and other raw/cbi employees can get a monthly raw salary for faking computer, writing work since 2010
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In the last few years, the content of this website, HEARING VOICES is becoming increasingly widespread problem and the domain investor, a private citizen is being contacted by people all over india. She was also asked to review a book on this topic. The death of the actor sushant singh rajput again highlights the importance of people becoming aware of the how the technology works, so that they are able to deal with it better and not let it affect their life. The content was originally posted on noise.in, yet nixi has blocked the domain so the content is moved to another domain. Kindly note that the domain investor is a trained electrical engineer who understands how the technology works, though the brahmin, bania dominated indian intelligence agencies are CRIMINALLY DEFAMING her and falsely claiming that their call girl, robbers, cheater relatives and associates in raw/cbi, who do not spend any money on domain, own this domain
Sushant singh rajput allegedly hearing voices - media reports
Reaction to hearing voices of Mahesh Bhatt, Suhrita Sengupta from media report
Book on hearing voices in India
Technology confirmation for Hearing voices from book author
Bihar cases of hearing voices - people contacted real domain investor for help
Goa cases of hearing voices resulted in threats
Other cases of hearing voices in India, contacted domain investor through quora
References - to understand technology, scientific evidence
Hearing voices
Voice to skull technology Voice to skull technology
Reason for torturing using technology
Typical messages
Danger of being targetted with technology


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Kindly note that allegedly google, tata, paypal sponsored inexperienced call girls and cheaters bangalore BRAHMIN housewife nayanshree hathwar, bsc sunaina, diploma holder siddhi mandrekar,riddhi, asmita patel may be appointed to top government jobs for bribing powerful cunning cheater officials officials to steal resumes, with FREE SEX or cheating single woman engineers of more than Rs 1,1 lakh, yet these greedy lazy cheater women are not connected with the website, in any way, which they may shamelessly boast that they own, or have engineering degrees as no engineering college in India will admit these well connected mediocre frauds. If the statement is not correct , challenge the VVIP goan greedy call girls and brahmin cheaters to get the statement removed

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Fight CASTEISM in India
Help a single woman engineer fight CASTEISM in India as powerful officials try to steal her resume including engineering degree for mediocre lazy greedy goan call girls like siddhi mandrekar, sunaina, or well connected greedy brahmin lazy women like cheater nayanshree hathwar, riddhi, allegedly with the support of google, tata,paypal diverting all the correspondence of the engineer to these good looking lazy greedy women.
Why did these brahmin women and call girls not work for their engineering degree, experience, start their own business, rely on their powerful fraud relatives and friends to defame, cheat and exploit a single woman engineer and STEAL her resume. In a democracy like India why should all the correspondence of a harmless engineer be diverted to Dishonest BRAHMIN women or CALL GIRLS without a court order, denying her fundamental right to earn a living as these greedy BRAHMIN women demand a bribe for contacting the engineer