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Some people may get some pleasure torturing a harmless civilian, however the torture will be expensive and the person should have the license to waste tax payer money to torture with sophisticated weapons. An ordinary civilian, even if well off, will not be able to harm his or her worst enemy while remaining anonymous,since access to sophisticated weapons will be highly regulated. Hence the reason for torturing a harmless civilian domain investor, webmaster, using V2k technology should be understood
1. corporate goals are the most important reason for attacking a harmless civilian, allegedly tata, google, paypal and other internet companies will pay governmemt officials bribes directly or indirectly to misuse expensive sophisticated weapons on a small business owner to destroy competition, acquire talent and technology cheaply. These companies will bribe officials to falsely accuse an experienced exporter of being a security threat
2. Jealousy : Classmates of a single lady engineer who hate her for getting top grades in communication technology/microwave and saving money for retirememt, have stolen her savings, want to steal her resume and leave her penniless, Attacking her whenever she will use the computer, especially laptop, causing great pain, will force her not to use the computer during the day, adversely affecting her productivity and finances.
3. Casteism - In india casteism remains an important reason for the atrocities on a harmless civilian. Today most important intelligence agency positions are held by brahmins, and they will use extremely unethical methods to retain their near monopoly on these jobs with great powers , ruthlessly defaming harmless hardworking exporters without proof, stealing their savings and resume for their mediocre lazy greedy relatives and friends , and then attacking with extremely powerful weapons to cause great pain . These friends and relatives do not want to study to get admission or a degree, they steal the resume after defaming for years. For example karnataka intelligence agencies wanted to steal the resume of the webmaster and engineer for the mediocre shivalli brahmin housewife cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar, and so are allegedly attacking the harmless civilian at home, forcing her not to use the computer during the day.
There appears to be no way to regulate the extremely powerful anonymous officials who waste resources, tax payer money for personal gain, or hatred . No wonder india has become the largest importer of defence equipmemt due to misplaced priorities, as resources are wasted to monitor and harass harmless civilians