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Noise or voices are the least of the problems of Voice to skull technology victims in india, doctors who are ill informed or part of the system will tell the victim that they need help from a psychatrist, hence it is not advisable to seek medical help .Though unpleasant these messages should be ignored, The main problem is how the thoughts of the victim and read, and the pain caused using the microwave pulses used in V2k technology.
When the thought of the person will be read using v2k technology, it can be used against the person
to make his or her life miserable, sabotage everything he or she does
plan an attack on the person, car accident
extort money while shopping - in panaji, highly inflated prices are quoted whenever the webmaster tries to hire an office or even purchase anything as these officials especially greedy cheater siddhi, sunaina, nayanshree are demanding a large amount as a bribe from every shopkeeper or merchant the victim will try to purchase from or will harass the merchant
make it difficult to hire an office or people - a small space will be repeatedly targeted by these cruel officials,
The pain caused using microwave pulses can cripple a person daily. If a stranger would beat a harmless civilian daily causing great pain, would that person be able to do any work? No . However, hardworking harmless, domain investors and exporters are subjected to the torture daily, after defaming without proof, resulting in the decline in Indian exports. The attacker remains conveniently anonymous, due to which filing a case with the human rights commission will become difficult, In case of a police beating of a harmless civilian, the victim can complain to multiple officials/agencies, for V2k attack few options are available to the harmless innocent victim.
There has been no review why a harmless civilian engineer has been monitored and tortured in this way for years, wasting resources, no wonder india does not develop most defence equipment and has to waste foreign exchange importing from small countries like israel where the top officials in the security agencies are more efficient, patriotic and honest, and do not waste tax payer money harassing and torturing harmless civilians to promote their mediocre lazy relatives and call girl friends
Complaining about the mental torture and voices in India is one of the most effective ways to destroy his or her reputation since most people will not understand the cause of the problem. When a person complains like in the case of actor sushant singh rajput, their close friends will force them to take medication or consult a doctor. These voices are also then used to spread false rumors about the mental health, and cover up the death as suicide. This is because the rajput/kshatriya leaders and officials have not not questioned the government policy of giving brahmin/bania officials complete control of intelligence agencies, where they misuse their powers to get raw/cbi jobs for their mediocre lazy greedy relatives like nayanshree hathwar.

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