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As mentioned the messages of the fraud officials using V2k technology, are usually short messages which are typical of V2k technology and heard when a person will be alone to torture to the maximum extent. For example due to casteism in India most of the officials are BRAHMIN and they will try to steal the resume of an engineer for mediocre cheater BRAHMIN women like nayanshree, siddhi, riddhi or other call girl puppets, who would never work hard to get an engineering degree or experience. They send messages repeatedly on how they have succeeded in their evil plan of stealing an engineer's resume for mediocre lazy greedy brahmin women or call girls who offer bribes of FREE SEX
Some of the messages from the cunning fraud BRAHMIN officials to torture a harmless civilian are
Nayanshree E - that they have succeeded in stealing an engineers resume for semi literate shivalli brahmin cheater bangalore housewife nayanshree hathwar, wife of guruprasad, falsely claiming that the fraud nayanshree with no engineering degree was an experienced engineer,webmaster, investor, duping the government and companies, the gang of cowards hiding behind nayanshree are extremely cunning, shameless and without morals, expert in duping people
Siddhi B - that they have succeeded in stealing an experienced engineers resume for well connected greedy lazy inexperienced goan call girl and diploma holder siddhi mandrekar who commited corporate espionage on the webmaster and steals data daily, made the call girl siddhi a VVIP for offering FREE SEX to top officials . now all correspondence has been diverted through call girl siddhi who bribes officials with free sex , an extremely vicious cruel fraud who spreads false malicious rumors defaming the harmless innocent engineer she has already cheated
When online the messages are
affiliate - you will be forced to sell the website, do not own the website, when these greedy lazy cunning boastful FRAUDS like siddhi, nayanshree, sunaina will never invest/spend a single paisa on the website expenses or do any work. these greedy call girls should start a call girl agency who have used the casting couch for governmemt jobs, not dream of owning websites
cancel - cancel every task, causing confusion

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