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Understanding V2K technology
Most people in India do not understand Voice to Skull, V2K technology as they are not trained electrical engineers. Those who are trained and can understand usually do not need to find out about the technology as they will not do any work related to it in most engineering work. Those using the technology are likely to keep it secret. However an electrical engineer who has been targeted using the technology allegedly by large corporates like google, tata, paypal and other tech companies, to destroy competition, acquire talent and technology, will do some reverse engineering to figure out the phenomenon to minimize the effect, like a doctor who needs to diagnose the ailment to cure it.
The human body remains the most sophisticated gadget on earth, as it processes a wide variety of signals from different sources.. To simplify the human brain is like a cellphone receiving signals which are then processed, only it remains far more complex and sophisticated . Some signals are not audible to others, though they are interpreted by the human brain, and these can be modulated to send messages to the victim or individual targeted for torture, known as the Targeted Individual . As the number of microwave towers has increased, it has become very easy to torture a person selected.
The messages are sent to cause maximum mental stress to the target , trying to insult the person. Those torturing seem to be selected for their unpleasant nature and allowed to waste tax payer money to harass, are casteist brahmins and other frauds . It appears that harmless exporters in india are particularly targetted falsely claiming that they are a security threat unless they give the officials a stake in their business , resulting in a major decline in the exports from India
In India corporates in the internet, software sector appear to have bribed officials to torture a person to destroy competition, acquire talent and technology cheaply , for hostile takeover attempt. Due to lack of transparency, high corruption levels and fake national security concerns, no one will question these officials who remain anonymous. Even trying to get basic information using RTI has failed

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